Unique Experiences at the PLAN B event highlights 2024

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Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail powered by Ledlenser

Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail powered by Ledlenser

Germany’s biggest Trailrunning Event
  • June 13–15, 2024

  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  • 6 Races, from 16 km to 106 km

  • Big Expo

  • More than 4500 runners


Stubai Ultratrail powered by Scott

Stubai Ultratrail powered by Scott

From the Olympic city Innsbruck up to the Stubai Glacier
  • June 28/29, 2024

  • Registration opens octobre 31, 2023

  • 5 Races

  • Unique Course

Madrisa Trail Klosters

Madrisa Trail

Trail running in its purest form

Transrockies Gravel Royale

Transrockies Gravel Royale

Gravelbike-Adventure in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
  • August 23 - 26, 2024

  • 3 Races, 2 to 4 Days

  • Maximum 350 Biker

Under Armour Transrockies Run

Under Armour
Transrockies Run

Trailrunning Adventure in the Rocky Mountains
  • August 12–17, 2024

  • Stage Race

  • For Teams and Single Runners

  • Unique Flair

  • Overnight stay in tents and RVs

Dynafit Transalpine Run

Dynafit Transalpine Run

The legendary Trailrunning Event across the Alps
  • September 7–13, 2024

  • Teams of two or solo

  • 7 days or 2 days (RUN2)

  • International field of participants

  • Registration opens december 6, 2023

Volkswagen R Gravelbike Experience

Volkswagen R Gravelbike Experience

Crossing of the Alps for adventurers and pleasure bikers
  • Route 1: May 08–12, 2024

  • Route 2: May 12–16, 2024

  • Alpine routes

  • Classic and Light variants

  • 254 – 280 km / 4.000 – 6.300 hm

  • Guided stages in small groups

  • Professional guides

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About PLAN B

We love events! Because everyone wins with us: the participants, who can concentrate fully on the competition and the experience in a family environment. The sponsors and partners, because they get great opportunities to present themselves to the community and interact with it. And we at PLAN B Event Company, because we are deeply touched by all the emotions of the participants – and give energy for the next event. These include Germany’s largest trail running event, legendary stage races across the Alps, and guided gravel bike tours. Curious now? Then take a look at what we have to offer!

PLAN B event company GmbH

Our Team

Lukas Pabst

Lukas (Luke)

Participant Management

The first point of contact for our participants. The man on the phone and in the race office. He always stays calm even in the heat of the moment. As a trained carpenter he knows what it means to tackle. Likes to run a lot, preferably steep and long – together with his husky lady Leyla.

Andreas Schütz



Nothing works without numbers. Not even in the emotional event business – and Andi keeps a close eye on it! He has been with us from the very beginning and has experienced all the ups and downs. When he’s not checking the numbers, he loves to ride his mountain bike in the mountains around Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Uta Albrecht



The soul of PLAN B. Uta is an event organizer with heart and soul. She has an overview of everything and yet also knows every detail. Always present, always friendly, always a smile and a snappy saying at the ready – no matter how great the stress. “I just love it when the participants feel comfortable at our events.”

Heini Albrecht



With mountain bike world cups Heini has founded the company in the 80s. Takes care mainly of authorities, permits and sponsors. Places great emphasis on flawless organization and safety of participants. “Our own trail running events with all the beaming runners inspired me so much that I became a passionate trail runner myself.”

Jürgen Kurapkat



Trained economist with a background in journalism and years of experience in PR and sponsoring. Loves exciting content with added value. When he’s not writing, talking, photographing or filming about trail running, he’s running the trails himself. Preferably: medium-length and medium-difficulty.

Holger Stoob



Trained at PLAN B, has years of experience in the event and trade fair business. Takes care of the catering at our events – with up to 10 “food stops” per event, sometimes in the high mountains, always a logistical challenge!

Sandra Mastropietro


Social Media

The “Insta-Lady”, manages our social media channels, moderates live sessions or is on the road as a roving reporter. Loves emotional stories and therefore likes to romp around the track with the participants. Prefers to run the very long edges in dirty weather.

Anna Bürck


Project assistant

The youngest in the team. But already in the thick of things instead of just being there. Full of energy and eagerness to work. Organizing, tackling, deciding – Anna has event gasoline in her blood. Likes to run, climb, ski instructor. “I’m just happy when things go perfectly.”

Rene Unser


PLAN B north america

Rene is the extended arm of PLAN B in North America. She is a passionate trail runner and biker herself, organizes her own running events in Canada and provides the North American community with all tips and tricks for the European PLAN B events. She also manages the Instagram channel of the Transalpine Run. And of course she is on site every year for the legendary crossing of the Alps! Trademark: a big big smile!